Keeping Sane during COVID-19

The COVID-19 stormed into our lives, and now, some of us are still under certain restrictions or even lockdown, and some are starting to return to some kind of new-normality. While all of this is happening in adult life (and lots of people still need the time to process what just has happened), the question… Continue reading Keeping Sane during COVID-19

Creating Predictability and Consistency in the Play Room and at Home

Play Therapy is an expressive creative intervention that aims to assist children with emotional, behavioral or social difficulties. The play therapy room is equipped with a variety of expressive mediums, which intend to assist children to project and express their inner world and their emotions. The play therapy toolkit includes elements such as art material, musical… Continue reading Creating Predictability and Consistency in the Play Room and at Home

Sand in the Play Room

The Play Therapy method uses a variety of tools to allow children to express themselves; Sandplay is one of these tools. In this blog, I will explain what is Sandplay, the history and some of Sandplay’s principles and practice, as being used in Play Therapy. History Sand, earth and water are ancient elements of our… Continue reading Sand in the Play Room

Group Play Therapy

Group Play Therapy is an extension of the Therapeutic Play method. However, it differs from Individual Play Therapy and might be more beneficial for some children with social and emotional difficulties. What is Group Play Therapy?
 The Group Play Therapy provides children with the opportunity to learn and practice, on a small scale, social skills of real-life… Continue reading Group Play Therapy

What is Therapeutic Play / Play Therapy?

Play Therapy is a psychotherapy method that uses playing as a tool to resolve children’s difficulties. The play therapist toolkit combines therapeutic tools such as art, music, movement, sand-play and more. Play Therapy believes in the power of healing that exists inside every child. The Importance of Playing Playing is the natural communication media for children. All… Continue reading What is Therapeutic Play / Play Therapy?