I offer therapeutic services for children and families such as play therapy, parental coaching, and workshops.

Working together with parents is an inseparable part of the therapeutic journey, and I’m grateful for the parents’ collaboration throughout the years.

Here’s some feedbacks I received:

Play Therapy

“My children had different needs, and play therapy worked incredibly with both. Raising confidence for one, and helping the other regulate emotions”. 


“Hagit’s holistic approach to treating our family not only improved our well-being but also strengthen the bond between parents and children, and between us parents as well”. 

A and D, Parents of 2 kids

Circle of Security Workshop

“In the process, we all – parents and children – learned to understand, name and manage our emotions; and to provide our kids with the safety heaven that we now know they need to go out and explore the world. Thank you for being a fantastic professional, flexible in the approach to suit our family’s unique situation, and more importantly, a warm and supportive person. The calm and joyful home we now have, we owe to you”.