Circle Of Security® Parenting™ Group

Raising secure and resilient children is one of our goals as parents.
This is not an easy target to achieve, all the more so in stressful and unfamiliar situations as nowadays are. 

‘Circle of Security Parenting’® is a program designed to support and strengthen the sense of security in parent-child relationships. 
It suggests a new approach to build and enhance the child’s confidence, resilience and ability to cope with difficult times (more details in the brochure below).

I encourage you to join me to this 7-weeks program to make growth in your relationships with your child, to understand his or her emotional world, learn how to react, and empower your parenthood.

The next sessions will be held via Zoom:

  • Date: 13th Oct till 24th Nov 2020
  • Day: Tuesdays
  • Time: 9.00 − 10.30am
  • Fee: $420 per participant

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Parenting Infants

About the Webinar

Raising infants in this era involves a lot of questions and insecurity. This course is designed for first-time parents who wish to understand more about the child’s psychological needs, and how to enhance secure attachment.

A parent who is emotionally available and responsive to an infant’s needs allow the child to develop a sense of security. The infant knows that the caregiver is dependable, which creates a secure base for the child to then explore the world.

The workshop includes practical strategies how to nurture attachment during the first year of the infant’s life, and how to cultivate it for healthy relationship and growth.


  • Attachment in a nutshell
  • Bowlby‘s internal working model
  • What do babies need?
  • Good enough parenting
  • How to establish and nurture security – practical strategies

Who is This Course For 

  • Parents and caregivers
  • Nurses
  • Speech Therapists
  • Occupational Therapists
  • Any professional who works with children and parents and wishes to expand his or her toolkit.